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Are you ready for a new way to sell your merchandise? Need something that will work with your busy life without the headache and expense of a store front? Country Carts “Vendor of the Day” program is your answer! We are your Corporate Vendor Connection – linking merchandise vendors like you with a professional environment every day. We work with corporate, hospital, and multitenant locations nationwide. Employees love the convenience of shopping in their workplace and our registered vendors have the opportunity to sell their products to thousands of different people every week. You do all of your own scheduling online through our user-friendly booking calendar! No minimums… do as many or as few event as YOU want! Give your business the exposure it needs through Country Carts, Inc.

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Do I need to bring tables?

No, Country Carts provides tables at each location, we try to provide three six foot tables or the equivalent as space allows, you cannot bring additional tables.

Are the tables covered?

Table cloths are not provided, you need to have your own set of clean table cloths which need to cover to the floor and fit an average of three six foot tables.

Do I need to contact the building to schedule a date?

No, all scheduling is done using the website. Once you book one of the available dates for a building, that building goes onto your personal calendar and you are confirmed.

Is the website hard to use?

The website is very easy to use, just take a few minutes to read the instructions that will be emailed to you once you’re registered.

Is the registration fee annual?

The registration fee is a one time fee.

Is there an annual renewal fee?

Yes, every year on January 1st our vendors are billed a small membership fee to remain active with us for the new year. The fee is announced in advance.

Do you get new buildings?

Country Carts is always adding new clients throughout the country.

How am I informed about new buildings or other changes?

Any time a new building is added, vendors are emailed an announcement with basic information about the building. In addition, all new building and other important information is always listed on the “Alert Page” of our website so you can stay current each time you log on.

What does “Enhanced Services” mean?

Vendors who enroll in our “Enhanced Services” program have access to booking open dates in many buildings the day before at half price. Enhanced Service vendors also have advanced notice of new buildings and special events (including holiday fairs) and get to schedule their next year’s dates before the general vendor population. This is certainly an advantage in buildings with limited availability!

How much does it cost to enroll in “Enhanced Services”?

The cost is $20 per month, billed on the first of each month. You can cancel this service at any time.

When do you open up the next year’s dates?

The calendars for the coming year are made available toward the end of August early September. You will be emailed a notice a few weeks ahead of time telling you the exact day and time the next years calendars.

How many times can I go to a building?

Each building has a maximum number of times you can go for the year based on the number of employees and frequency of the program. That information is provided on the website and the booking program will alert you if you exceed the allowed number of dates for a building.

Do I also pay a percentage of my sales in addition to the flat fee?

No, you only pay the fee listed.

How do I know what the fee is for each building?

The fee for each building is listed on the website in the Client Description section.

When do I pay the building fee?

Your credit card is billed on the Monday of the week you are scheduled. Every Monday we bill for all dates scheduled that week alone. You are able to schedule much further in advance but do not have to pay until that week.

How am I billed if I add or cancel a building during the week after I was already charged?

Any charges or credits caused by the addition or cancellation of buildings during the week roll forward to the next week’s statement as a credit or balance due and applied to the vendor’s Country Carts account.

Where are your buildings located?

Our buildings are located throughout the United States including the North East (NY, NJ, CT, PA), Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and more!

How do I know what time I need to be at the building?

Each building has its own arrival procedures for you to print on the website.

How do I get to the building?

GPS-friendly addresses are provided for each location.

Should I accept credit cards and checks?

It would increase your sales to accept credit card and checks. You will need to take the information and then process the payment when you return home.

What happens is I get a bad check or the credit card is declined?

Country Carts and our client are not responsible for any bad debts and are not responsible for helping you collect those debts.

Is there electricity available at the buildings?

Electricity is available at most buildings, you should carry your own extension cord. Don’t run any extension cords across walkways or in front of any doorway.

How do I know what other vendors are scheduled at a building?

When you go to a company’s calendar to book an available date you will see the types of merchandise already scheduled for that month.

How do the employees know I’m coming?

All employees have access to their calendar of vendors on our website 24/7 and each month every building is sent a reminder referring the employees to the website. In addition many of the companies are sent a word document listing the vendors for the month as well as updates weekly of any changes. For most of the buildings the employees have had vendors on the same day of the week for many years.

Can a vendor with the same merchandise schedule before me?

The scheduling program does not allow a vendor with the exact same type of merchandise to schedule a date within one week before you.

Is there someone to help me bring in my merchandise at the buildings?

No, the building personnel are not allowed to assist you.

How many vendors are at the building at the same time?

In almost all buildings there is only one vendor for the day. In the couple of buildings where there are multiple vendors you will see that there are multiple calendars to select from on the website.

Do I still have to pay the building fee if I have to cancel my date?

If you cancel a date with at least 2 weeks notice you are not responsible for the fee. If you cancel a date with less than 2 weeks notice or do not show up for a date, for any reason including illness, family matters or vehicle problems you are responsible for the building fee in full.

What is the policy if it snows or there is other bad weather?

The policy is that if the building is open you are responsible to be there for the day. If you have any doubt about a building being open you should contact Country Carts the evening before or that morning.

What if I get to a building and for some reason I can’t set up or my sell time is limited?

If you have any problem you should call the Country Carts office immediately while you are still at the building.

How should I be dressed?

Business casual is the dress code for you and any helpers that go with you, even if they are just going to help you unload and set up. Sneakers, jeans, shorts, flip flops or any other casual wear is unacceptable.

Can I bring signs to display around the building?

No, you are not allowed to display or attached signs anywhere in the building except on the vendor table. Signs cannot be hand written.

Can I arrive earlier or later than the arrival time?

You cannot arrive earlier than the stated arrival time. If needed you can arrive later but we suggest you try to arrive at the designated arrival time for each location.

What time do I need to begin packing up?

Unless stated otherwise pack up time is always 2PM.

Following is an example of some of the general guidelines that are signed and agreed to by all vendors interested in working with Country Carts.  All guidelines are followed at all building locations and are strictly enforced.


  1. Dress code is business casual.  No jeans, t-shirts, flannel shirts, sweats, shorts or other weekend wear.  Your personal appearance must be neat and well groomed as appropriate for the corporate building where you are a guest.
  2. You are expected to act in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  3. Set up must be neat.  No boxes, cartons or hand trucks in view (store them under the tables).  You must leave the area as neat as you found it.
  4. All merchandise must be displayed within the vendor area.
  5. All merchandise must be first quality.
  6. No handwritten signs are allowed.
  7. All merchandise must be clearly marked with prices.
  8. All check-in and set up procedures specific to the location must be followed.


Any vendor that fails to comply with these and other Country Carts guidelines faces immediate cancellation of business scheduled at accounts managed by Country Carts.