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In today’s competitive marketplace employees are expecting more and more services to be provided at the work location.  For today’s busy employees any service that saves money and time after work is a highly valued benefit!  At Country Carts we provide such a service through our Vendor of the Day program.  We are your Corporate Vendor Connection.

Country Carts originated the business of specializing in managing Vendor of the Day programs over 25 years ago and we now manage locations nationwide with a huge database of over 1,000 vendors and still growing.

There is no other company that has the vast experience, resources and vendor base needed to deliver the type of program in terms of presentation, diversity of products and appearance that employees want and management demands.  We provide a complete turn-key program at no cost to you.


For our clients we provide:

  • Diversity of products and services.  Working with over 1000 different vendors enables us to bring to your employees an ever-changing variety of products and services in the convenience and safety of their work location.  From wireless service products to beauty products to cookies, pies and jelly’s from Amish bakers, we work with vendors that offer only first quality merchandise. 
  • Turnkey program management at no cost. We provide the set up of the Vendor of the Day program, maintain the area, provide an announcement at the start-up of the program, schedule the vendors and provide monthly advertising on our website as to the vendors scheduled.  We do the work.  We continually seek new and trendy products and services that will be of interest to employees.
  • We have in place a strict set of operational guidelines that each vendor invited to work with us receives a copy of and is expected to follow.  The guidelines cover dress code, merchandise display, etc.  These guidelines are strictly enforced.  We also prepare guidelines specific to your location, which cover arrival time, check-in procedure, display times and any other special requirements.  We communicate all of these to the vendors.
  • Country Carts, Inc. carries $2,000,000 product liability and $1,000,000 personal injury insurance.
  • Guaranteed Monthly Income.  Once we have agreed upon an appropriate fee per vendor, Country Carts sends that check each month.  You can plan your budget each month knowing exactly what the vendor program revenue will be.
  • Internet Access. A rolling 2 month calendar of vendors scheduled for your building is available 24/7 for your employees to access on our website
  • Bring Country Carts, Inc. to your location today and start seeing the benefits immediately.  Our friendly, professional vendors will make a great impression with your building or hospital employees.. they are going to want to know when the next vendor will be in!  Contact us today for more information.


Country Carts, Inc., Your Corporate Vendor Connection!

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