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Upcoming Calendar for Bristol-Myers Squibb (Hopewell)

Please note...Dates and/or vendors are subject to change.
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12-06-2018 A. S. Sales Footwear
Product Type: Sneakers
  • Name brand athletic sneakers for men and women.
12-11-2018 The Atticco
Product Type: Scarves
  • At Atticco we strive to bring forth the rich and unique experience of vibrant colors and lovely fabrics with the beautiful art of hand block printing using Natural Dyes and beautiful fabrics. Our current range of products are Handmade Scarves in Beautiful fabrics like silk, wool, Cottons and Chiffon- Skillfully made by Artisans. Each Piece is a work of Art designed and crafted with Love with the highest quality standards.
12-13-2018 T-Mobile
Product Type: Cellular Service & Accessories
  • Wireless services.
12-19-2018 DJ Clothing
Product Type: Clothing - General - Mens and Womens
  • Men's & Women's Clothing: polar fleece jackets, sweaters, blouses, shorts, dresses, socks, and pants. Name brands only found in better department stores at discount prices. Easter flowers! All plants are in pots with soil and they can be planted for landscaping and come back each year in and around Easter: tulips, daffodils, asiatic and Easter Lilies and hyacinths.
12-20-2018 Ritzcreations LLC
Product Type: Scarves & Accessories
  • Snow Dyed scarves, Hand Painted Scarves, Original Art.