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Upcoming Calendar for Bank of New York Jersey City

Please note...Dates and/or vendors are subject to change.
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12-05-2023 Cecile's Bath & Body
Product Type: Skin Care
  • Cecile's creates unique bathing luxuries and skin nutrition for dry, sensitive, and melanin rich skin. Our products are made by hand with premium organic ingredients to dry skin conditions like eczema, plus acne and hyperpigmentation.
12-06-2023 The Bag Shop
Product Type: Handbags & Accessories
  • Ladies fashion handbags and accessories. Also beach bags in season.
12-07-2023 Adler Aphasia Center - "Something Special"
Product Type: Jewelry & Gifts
  • "Something Special" is a unique design studio. The members of the Adler Aphasia Center hand-craft gifts of jewelry, desk items, serving utensils, barware, greeting cards, and decorative boxes. All proceeds from our sales fund scholarships for our stroke survivors with communication disorders.
Instagram: instagram/adleraphasiacenter