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Upcoming Calendar for Ortho - Diagnostics

Please note...Dates and/or vendors are subject to change.
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12-05-2018 The Sheet Spot
Product Type: Linens and Bamboo Pillows
  • Our objective is to give the customer the best possible quality for the best possible price. We try to give the customer a large assortment of sheets to choose from. Another great product we bring is Bamboo pillows. It's greatest benefit is that customers don't wake up with pain. We sell these pillows at about 70% off QVC price.
12-06-2018 Chocolate Moonshine NJ
Product Type: Chocolates
  • Unique and fun chocolate and fudge company. We have more than thirty different flavors of "moonshine bars" that are hand painted with French cocoa butter, giving them the taste of a truffle with the look of something you have never seen before! Both our chocolate and fudge are preservative free, low calorie, low sugar, and gluten free. (Despite the name, the bars are indeed, alcohol free.)
12-11-2018 Dazzle
Product Type: Bamboo Pillows
  • Bamboo pillows and sheets, hip klips, hats, scarfs, capes, sunglasses.
12-12-2018 Samphel Norbu Tibet Art & Handicrafts
Product Type: Jewelry - Handmade & Accessories
  • Tibetan singing bowl, bell, gongs Handmade woolen coat, jackets, gloves, hat, shawls & scarf, bags Handmade Tibetan unique jewelry Tapestry Handmade unique gift items Yoga & meditation accessory
12-13-2018 J. Emanuel Chocolatier
Product Type: Chocolates
  • J. Emanuel Chocolatier is a locally recognized name for the maker of fine chocolates with its home base in Chester, NJ. Specialty dishes include Almond Toffee Crunch, Truffles (Chocolate with Wine, Liquor, Fruit, Nut, and/or Coffee infusions), Barks and a host of chocolate dipped pretzels, cookies, and nuts.