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Upcoming Calendar for Penn Foster Inc.

Please note...Dates and/or vendors are subject to change.
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12-07-2018 Magnolia and Vine
Product Type: Magnolia and Vine
  • We are a direct sales company with fun and affordable line of snaps for our jewelry and accessories such as eye and sunglasses, flip flops, winter wear, NEW interchangeable purses, headbands, etc. The versatility of our line is amazing. You can change up your looks from day to evening wear glamour in a "snap"!
12-14-2018 EP Fashion
Product Type: Clothing & Accessories
  • We are a retail fashion boutique that specializes in men, ladies and children's fashions and accessories. Fashion includes tops and bottoms. Accessories include but not limited to perfume oils, bags, belts, incense and soaps.
12-20-2018 Creekside Bakery
Product Type: Food - Amish Baked Goods
  • Fresh baked goods. Cookies, pies, breads, sweet breads, pumpkin rolls, whoopie pies, etc. Also canned goods, jams, pickles, etc.